1946 s wheat penny value

The S Wheat Penny had a decent sized mintage, especially compared to previous years. This is a more affordable coin in the series when found in mid-range Mint State grades as well as uncirculated grades. Cherrypicking is advised to ensure the coin is well-struck with attractive surfaces. The S Wheat Penny can be found in most circulated and uncirculated grades, depending on what the collector is looking for.

At the time, President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to prepare new coin designs that had more artistic merit. The Wheat Penny depicts a bust and profile of Abraham Lincoln on the obverse, with the S mint mark under the date. The reverse features two stalks of durum wheat. The S Wheat Penny value ranges from a few cents to less than a hundred dollars to just a couple thousand dollars for the highest grade red varieties available on the market.

The Wheat Penny comes in colors ranging from brown to red-brown to red, with the full red versions typically commanding the highest prices. Categories Deals Modern Rare Coins.

1946 S Lincoln Wheat Cent : S Over D

History of the S Wheat Penny The S Wheat Penny can be found in most circulated and uncirculated grades, depending on what the collector is looking for.Written by Javier Mercado.

Wheat Pennies are part of the Lincoln Pennies family and probably one of the most valuable old coins. It is widely available and easy to find in good condition, making it a very affordable and fun collection for any contemporary coin collector. It has been in circulation for over a century. The motif began to be used infrom a photograph taken of the great President inand is still in use today. However, the motif on the back has changed somewhat. In order to properly reference our coin, we first need to know its mint.

In the case of the Wheat Pennywe have three possibilities. Another feature we must consider is the type of coinage our Wheat Penny has.

1946 s wheat penny value

As a general rule, the Mint coins have two differing qualities:. The differences between the two are more than clear. The last parameter to look at when referencing our penny is only necessary on the coins originating from the first year in which they were minted, The first coins to come out of the mint had the initials of the designer Victor D. Brenner on the back of the coin VDB. These pieces are far more rare than their non-VDB counterpartsalthough they were appreciated and treasured by numismatists and collectors from the beginning.

Because of this, it is common to find them in an excellent state of conservation. Wheat pennies are coins that, with few exceptions, were minted in incredibly high quantities. It must not have suffered any kind of wear and tear from circulation, nor must it be nicked or scratched.

It has to be pristine, just as it came out of the minting press, with a natural weathered patina and uniform color. You may want to look out for certain things about our coin. Keep reading to find out…. In these common and easily obtainable pieces, prime quality is rewarded enormously, and Wheat Penny prices grow exponentially. As we can see, up to MS65, the rise is very gradual, only a few cents in increase. But when we reach grade MS66, there is a very important price changeand as you can see, the Wheat Pennies in MS67 costs approximately times more than in MS Indue to the entry of the United States into World War II, copper for coinage became necessary for military equipment factories.

To replace it, the Lincoln Cent was minted in a zinc-plated steel coin blank. However, it is assumed that by mistake, some coin blanks left over from the previous year entered the press in the three mints.Register Sign in.

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Designer - Engraver: Victor D Brenner. For Sale 25 Auctions 0 Wishlist 0 Collection Seller: whcwa Condition: Uncirculated. Seller: jameson11 Condition: EF. Seller: blstevens Condition: average circulated. Seller: agui23 Condition: Circulated. Seller: Leyendecker Condition: VFBased on Sheldon Grading System. Values are in US Dollars.

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Notes: - no mintmark. All Coin Values resource website. USA one cent.

1946 s wheat penny value

Lincoln Wheat. What is a one cent coin from the United States worth?

1946 die error penny - value? rare?

Value, images, and specifications for the US one cent penny. Grading United. States coins. United States coins. Flowing Hair Liberty Cap to Draped Bust to Classic Head to Coronet Head to Braided Hair to Flying Eagle to Indian Head to Lincoln Wheat to Lincoln Memorial.


Lincoln Bicentennial Lincoln Shield.By creating an account, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Pennies may be the lowest denomination of US coinage currently in circulation, but they are also some of the most sought after coins for collectors.

While the modern penny may not be worth much at all, older versions of the coin are quite valuable. The Lincoln penny is an example of a coin that is highly sought after by collectors. Because the Lincoln was produced so long ago, the condition these pennies are in now can vary drastically from piece to piece.

As such, collectors demand that coins this old are graded by a professional organization. Below we will introduce you to the different coin grades as well as what they mean for the Lincoln. Uncirculated: A coin that is graded as being Uncirculated is one that never spent any time exchanging hands.

From the moment it was minted the coin was likely placed into safekeeping and was able to avoid damage commonly associated with coins that have been heavily circulated. These coins are absolutely flawless in every way. Extremely Fine: A coin that is worthy of the Extremely Fine grade is one that was likely never circulated, but was still damaged to some degree.

Whether it be a small chip or scratch, there is usually one or two very minor flaws on these coins. Despite this, they are still highly collectible and sought after. Fine: Fine is the grade given to Lincoln pennies that have been circulated for quite some time.

Though these pieces are still in decent shape, they will show some very visible signs of their time in circulation.

Good: Good is a grade given to coins that were heavily circulated as well as heavily damaged. From deep scratching to the complete smoothing of some of the raised features, these coins have definitely seen their better days. Though the value of these coins might be far less than similar coins of better condition, they are still a great addition to any collection.

As for the pricing of the Lincoln, this is something that depends on a few different factors. For one, there were 3 different types of Lincolns produced inso the value of the coin will heavily depend on its type. Secondly, the condition of the coin means a lot as far as value is concerned as well. Below is a chart that will help you understand the value of a Lincoln given its type and condition.

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Edit Cart.The chart shows three varieties of penny value. Also, recognizing condition separates average from above average wheat pennies. Sizable amounts of these old coins exist in lower grades. Nice examples in higher grades are sought. Each important feature is described and imaged below.

Collectors first consider the date and mint mark combination of wheat pennies. With cents the "S" mint mark enjoys a premium. Condition is next judged. Stages of wear occur over time as a coin passes through commerce. Grading a coin determines extent of wear when compared to a standard.

Images in the grading section help visualize these different grades. Production numbers of all three varieties of cents in totaled third highest for any year.

Collectors typically collect all varieties per date. San Francisco contributed the fewest and its slightly above in value. Philadelphia struck an impressivecents, 5th highest of the wheat series.

Rarity scale is Abundant. Many were set aside over the years leading to a range of conditions. Favored by collectors are Mint State grades and lightly worn examples.

1946 S Lincoln Wheat Cent

An advanced collection obtains a high-grade coin, young collectors seek appealing lightly circulated coins. Inspect closely Lincoln's bow-tie, well defined edges and central knot is an above average piece. Denver production of cents was its 10th highest in the series withstruck. These today are Abundant on the rarity scale. Average condition examples, those worn and lacking details to Lincoln's coat and hair are easily obtainable.

A desirable coin, suitable to add to collections is just lightly worn or in Mint State condition. A special coin shows obverse and reverse lettering bold and sitting flat on the fields.

Letters curving up the rim indicates a sub standage striking and less desirable to collectors. Slightly ahead in value from other varieties of cents, San Francisco mint pennies have developed a following of collectors. Abundant on the rarity scale, many are in the Good through Fine grade.

Collectors who underpin value, favor these because of lower mintages. An appealing coin is Extremely Fine or better in condition. Circulated examples with separated lines in the wheat stalks are worth a second look. Well defined coins are sought to add to collections. Condition is the level of preservation the coin displays.These slight metallic differences are only visually noticeable among uncirculated pennies. Outside of the different metal composition among, and Lincoln Wheat Cents, there are few variations to speak of regarding Lincoln Pennies from that era.

As was the case throughout the s, mintage figures were quite high inwith more than one billion Pennies struck across all three U. Mint locations operating during that year. These highly common Lincoln Wheat Penny coins are readily available in nearly all grades, with specimens in the upper circulated grades and lower Mint State grades especially plentiful.

1946 s wheat penny value

No proof coins were made inas all extraneous minting efforts beyond striking circulating coinage were concentrated on producing medals for soldiers returning home from combat in World War II. Twitter Facebook. Blog Forum Community Secure Login.

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