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Sincenearly all medical students in the United States have trusted UWorld to prepare for their licensing exams. Being at the forefront of medical education gives us an obligation to provide students with only the best practice questions and explanations. Uworld Step 2CK System. Uworld Step 2CK Random. Uworld Step 2CK Uworld Notes Step 2 CK Uworld Step 3 Uworld Step 1 Maybe you are interested. OnlineMedEd for Clinical MedQuest Step 2 CK Uworld Qbanks Step 2CK Uworld Step 2CK Download. Social Buttons.

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Disagree Agree. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Allergy — Immunology. Biostatistics and Epdemiology. General Principles. Hematology and Oncology. Male Reproductive System. Poisoning and Environmental Expose.

Renal and Electrolyte. Social Sciences. GIT — Nutrition. Hematology — Oncology. Ob Gyn — Gyn. Ob Gyn — Ob. Main Divided. Main Whole. Topic Divided. Topic Whole.I was happy with my Step 1 score, but planned to take Step 2 CK well before applying for IM residency, and to ultimately pursue a highly competitive sub-specialty, gastroenterology.

I knew I had to make my Step 2 CK score count. Four weeks after my test day, I received my results, and I was shocked. I scored a While many with high scores will say that the key to their success was sheer time and effort, I took a more strategic approach, which I believe allowed for my success on test day.

Make Every Clinical Rotation Count.

Predict My Step Score

Proper preparation for shelf exams during rotations is key to establish a solid foundation for Step 2 CK. This can be challenging because what you learn on the wards may not have any relevance to how you are assessed on the shelf. If you think about it, what you see and are taught on the wards is essentially random. To do well on these exams, you need a comprehensive foundation, which in my case was built using UWorld and OnlineMedEd videos.

Master a Few Key Resources. A significant number of students use too many resources without reviewing any of them in sufficient depth. All the content you need to master for Step 2 CK can be found in the UWorld explanations, and OME is a great way to learn that content in a more efficient way.

In addition to mastering content, test-taking technique is crucial for USMLE success, and unless you have the option of tutoring, the only way to hone these skills is through practice questions. Think Like The Test-Maker. Take frequent, short minute breaks. Take a day off from studying periodically, exercise and maybe even meditate. About five days before my exam, what had started out as a pesky dry cough turned into acute bronchitis.

For such an important exam, the change fees were money well spent, and ultimately everything worked out. The boards can cause extreme anxiety. But once you have a test date, try your best to stick to it, or you can find yourself constantly pushing back your test date and self-doubting, preventing the most efficient study plan, and risking burnout.It is extremely important to check headphone volume during the exam day tutorial.

Once the headphone is confirmed to be functioning properly, the remainder of the tutorial is left to the discretion of the examinee. Please view the announcement regarding upcoming Step 1 content changes. If you do not find the answer you need, please fill out our contact form.

Practice Sessions are available, for a fee, for registered examinees who want the opportunity to become familiar with the Prometric test center environment.

Please view the announcement regarding upcoming Step 2 CK content changes. Then, let us know what you think by taking our brief survey. Use Internet Explorer or another Flash-enabled browser to open.

These also appear at the end of the practice cases. The CCS database contains thousands of possible tests and treatments. Therefore, it is not feasible to list every action that might affect an examinee's score. The descriptions are meant to serve as examples of actions that would add to, subtract from, or have no effect on an examinee's score for each case. In evaluating case performance, the domains of diagnosis including physical examination and appropriate diagnostic teststherapy, monitoring, timing, sequencing, and location are considered.

In this case, a year-old man is brought to the emergency department by ambulance because of acute chest pain and respiratory distress. Initially the presentation and reason for visit suggest a broad differential diagnosis, but the limited available history narrows the differential. The patient had an acute onset of right-sided chest pain 10 minutes before the ambulance arrived.

He rates the pain as an 8 on a point scale.

usmle step 2 ck uworld

The pain is excruciating, sharp, and increases with respiration. The patient appears pale and in marked respiratory distress. He is moaning and holding his hands over the right side of his chest. Vital signs show tachypnea, tachycardia, and low blood pressure. Physical examination shows no breath sounds; there is tracheal deviation, jugular venous distention, hyperresonance to percussion on the right side of the chest, faint heart sounds, and weak peripheral pulses.

The skin is pale, cool, and diaphoretic. The remainder of the physical examination is unremarkable. The patient's illness, at this point, seems most consistent with an intrathoracic process. The computer-based case simulation database contains thousands of possible tests and treatments. The following descriptions are meant to serve as examples of actions that would add to, subtract from, or have no effect on an examinee's score for this case.

Timely diagnosis and management are essential in this case. As soon as the absent breath sounds and exam findings consistent with tension pneumothorax are discovered, optimal treatment would include performing a needle thoracostomy for decompression followed by a chest tube insertion for lung reexpansion. A chest x-ray should be ordered to confirm appropriate tube placement and lung reexpansion.Even if you scored well on Step 1, a strong performance on Step 2 CK demonstrates consistency and clinical excellence.

Discovering the best strategies and planning how to study for Step 2 CK could be one of your highest-yield activities as you prepare to apply for residency. In recent years, Step 2 CK has really taken on a new sense of importance.

Many residency programs now require residency candidates to submit their Step 2 CK scores before ranking their applicants. Because Step 2 CK will still be a numerical score, it will be the quantitative criteria that residency admissions committees will use to select their top candidates. In this comprehensive guide on how to score well on Step 2 CK, we share with you the advice of some of our Step 2 CK tutors who scored on the exam.

So, we decided to get all of the best perspectives together, and compiled all of their best advice for you below! Our tutors provided advice on the most important Step 2 CK preparation starting points:. Taking clerkship year and shelf exam prep seriously is important if you want to excel on Step 2 CK.

You should see clerkship year as your opportunity to build a strong clinical foundation. Clerkship year prepares you for Step 2 CK because it gives you the chance to apply your medical knowledge to real, clinical scenarios — an invaluable opportunity because Step 2 CK is a much more clinically focused exam than Step 1.

This allows you to do your first pass of the question bank throughout the span of a year, and gives you early exposure to the style of questions that will be on Step 2 CK. Practice and repetition are key. Every flashcard you make should be concise and prompt a short, to-the-point answer. Be diligent, and keep up with making flashcards on concepts and points that you learn from practice questions — this will give you an extremely solid knowledge base for Step 2 CK.

There are a few different things we consider when advising students on how to study for Step 2 CK. But every study strategy should be firm on a few things — yo ur st udy approach and the resources you are going to use. Practice questions are the most important part of Step 2 CK prep — we cannot emphasize that enough. Below, we get into more details on how to approach practice questions, but as a general matter, you should put a lot of your focus and energy into working through practice questions.

After your first complete pass through the question bank, do a quick take through all the questions to see which ones you got wrong or right. Identify weaknesses and high-yield topics that you struggled with, and work on solidifying your knowledge base in these areas. Then take a second pass through UWorld. After your second pass, you should go back and do a complete review, spending most of your time on the questions that you got wrong as well as the questions you are uncertain about but got right.Before you apply for any of the three steps of the USMLE, you must become familiar with the bulletin.

Step 2 CK ensures that due attention is devoted to principles of clinical sciences and basic patient-centered skills that provide the foundation for the safe and competent practice of medicine under supervision. Step 2 CK is a one-day examination. It is divided into eight minute blocks and administered in one 9-hour testing session.

The number of questions per block on a given examination will vary but will not exceed The total number of items on the overall examination will not exceed The examination also includes a minimum allotment of 45 minutes of break time and a minute optional tutorial. The amount of time available for breaks may be increased by finishing a block of test items or the optional tutorial before the allotted time expires.

The tables below provide information on the content weighting for Step 2 CK examinations administered before and after November Content is organized according to general principles and individual organ systems. Test questions are classified into one of 18 major categories, depending on whether they focus on concepts and principles that are applicable across organ systems or within individual organ systems. Content weighting for these topics is provided in Table 1 below.

Sections focusing on individual organ systems are subdivided into normal and abnormal processes, including principles of therapy. In most instances, knowledge of normal processes is evaluated in the context of a disease process or specific pathology. While not all topics listed in the content outline are included in every USMLE examination, overall content coverage is comparable among the various examinations that will be administered to different examinees for each Step.

Categories for individual organ systems include test items concerning those normal and abnormal processes that are system-specific. An additional organizing construct for Step 2 CK design is physician tasks and competencies. Each test item is constructed to focus on assessing one of the competencies listed in Table 2.

Click here for detailed information about the physician tasks and competencies outline. Each Step 2 CK examination covers content related to the traditionally defined disciplines listed in Table 3. All committee members have recognized expertise in their respective fields.

They are selected to provide broad representation from the academic, practice, and licensing communities across the United States and Canada. Test questions focus on the principles of clinical science that are deemed important for the practice of medicine under supervision in postgraduate training. The content description is not intended as a curriculum development or study guide, but rather models the range of challenges that will be met in the actual practice of medicine. It provides a flexible structure for test construction that can readily accommodate new topics, emerging content domains, and shifts in emphasis.

The categorizations and content coverage are subject to change. The best preparation for the examination is broad-based learning that establishes a strong general understanding of concepts and principles in the basic and clinical sciences. This is the traditional, most frequently used multiple-choice format. It consists of a vignette and question followed by three to twenty-six options that are in alphabetical or logical order.

You are required to select the one best answer to the question. A year-old woman with type 1 diabetes mellitus has had progressive renal failure over the past 2 years.

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usmle step 2 ck uworld

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usmle step 2 ck uworld

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